Discord Integration

Discord Integration 2.6.1

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  • Import native functions.
  • Improve performance and efficiency when syncing.
  • Ensure channel list isn't serving a stale cache of channels.
  • When inviting the bot to your server, pre-select the server on the server list.
  • Compatibility fix with Report Centre Essentials v2.6.0+
  • When notifying a channel about a new report, include additional metadata.
  • Fix an issue with Tickets to Discord notifications.
  • Fix notification handling for content created by guest users.
  • Fix an issue where syncing with users in a paid Discord role would silently fail.
  • Add support for Tickets add-on.
  • Add an option for users to disable alerts from being sent to their Discord DMs.
  • Add an option for users to disable conversation notifications from being sent to their Discord DMs.
  • Add an option for admins to apply registration defaults for Discord alert and conversation notifications.
  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php, or known global functions to avoid a current namespace lookup for the function.
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  • When sending a notification to Discord, include the author's avatar if they have one.
  • Handle cases where optout value may be nulled out.
  • Simplify the process of opting in to mirrored Discord alerts to prevent confusion.
  • Add an option to announce new associations to a specific Discord channel.
  • If usernames are being synced, ensure any username changes to Discord are synced too.
  • Add an option to kick users from your Discord server if they disconnect their forum account.
  • If a user is banned on your forum, this will now be mapped to Discord properly rather than disconnecting them.
  • Fix blocking user creation when add-on is disabled.
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  • Minor rework of the option to prevent registering and/or logging in with Discord.
  • Add missing user change log phrase.
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  • Add support for announcement channels so notifications can be cross-posted to them.
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  • Strip extraneous characters from mirrored alert messages
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  • Require XenForo 2.2+.
  • Require PHP 7.2+.
  • Require Standard Library.
  • Confirm support for XF 2.2.0.
  • Harden various template modifications.
  • Remove user from server roles when they disassociate or get banned.
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