Digital Point Ad Positioning

Digital Point Ad Positioning 1.3.0b

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Fantastic, this can also be used to show addthis share buttons just below content, so really useful
The first addon that I use on my first XenForo forum ever. Thanks Shawn. ;)
Thans this is great addon :)
Great for placing ads and not having to manually do it.
Thanks for sharing this addon - it's simple and works well.
increased ad revenue by a lot!
This will make you more money than anything else you did regarding ad positioning. I got a 1000% increase in AdSense profit only showing it to members with less than 50 posts and guests. This should probably not be a free add-on, but it is. If you're running AdSense ads, this add-on is a must have.
Thank you Shawn great mod
This has put a lot of money into the pockets of XF owners - kudos to Shawn for doing it and giving it to the community.
Love it. Shawn is correct - this will increase your revenue! And, you can increase that revenue from opposed to your members! Fantastic.
Works Perfect!! *****
Excellent! Thanks!
Exactly what I needed
increased my profits x10
Very nice and easy to implement add-on. It would be a bonus if the add-on includes the capability to add advertisements in other default add locations (like sidebar/header/footer etc.)
easy.! thanks!
Like always, great thing to work with. Thanks:)