Digital Point Ad Positioning

Digital Point Ad Positioning 1.3.0b

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  • Adds better handling of situation when addon is uninstalled completely and reinstalled
  • Fixes formatting issue with copyright in footer
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  • New option: Certain forum categories can be set to never display AdSense
  • New option: Certain forum categories can conditionally disallow AdSense if the thread has an image in it
  • Moderators can manually flag a thread for AdSense suppression from Thread Tools menu
  • Support for AdSense crawling on login-protected pages (private forums or conversations for example)
  • Never show AdSense ads on login, logout, registration or error pages
  • Internal code clean up
  • Fixed issue where soft-deleted posts could mess up what the system thinks is the first unread post
  • Installer gives warning if trying to install on old XenForo versions (less than 1.2.0)
  • Install process utilizes Digital Point Marketplace automated brand removal API (for those with a branding-free license)
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- Added Hide Inside Post Ad In Posts Made By Usergroup setting
- Check if post HTML exists before trying to cast it to string
- Updated for XenForo 1.2 (using listener hints and removed all use of template hooks)
- Don't run ad inside quote blocks (XF hides part of them by default now)
This version ads support for showing an ad after the first unread conversation message being viewed.

The ad shown after the first unread post in a thread was changed slightly so the ad shows after ENTIRE post (prior it was showing before the Likes block for that post).
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