Dice Roller

Dice Roller 2.2.2

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Many thanks for this add-on! This solves the problem where the election situation in the meeting should be resolved by lot.
Works exactly as intended. Allows the perms to be set on a per-node basis, so you can restrict the roller to just your RP subforums without cluttering up the rest. The interface is attractive and functional, with support for color theme adjustments via style properties. My one gripe is that you need to edit a post to throw dice, instead of simply throwing dice while making a new post; this makes the interface more difficult for new users to find.
Works as intended. I only wish you could roll when posting, instead of needing to edit the post afterwards. You can press "cancel" after rolling, and while the dice wont be cancelled many of my members thought they could be at first, which made them think you could cheat.
I love this add-on, just wish you could set the 'default' dice in the ACP so that members would not have to select dice sides every time they roll. They seem to forget to set stuff, and end up getting the wrong roll and posting again just to roll again. I've no other complaints and certainly not any to affect the rating of this simple yet brilliant modification. *thumbs up*