Developer Tools

Developer Tools 1.3.5

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  • New: CLI Command to create README file (#57)
    • The following information will be available in README with description whenever possible:
      • Add-on title
      • Add-on description
      • Add-on requirements
      • Options
      • Permissions
      • Admin permissions
      • BB codes
      • BB code media sites
      • Style properties
      • Advertising positions
      • Widget positions
      • Widget definitions
      • Cron entries
      • REST API scopes
      • CLI Commands
    • Further more, you can add your own blocks by creating HTML files named after the hook positions:
    • When an add-on is built, following README variants will be created:
      • BB code version at _dev/resource_description.txt for resource descriptions
      • Markdown version at for any VCS repository
  • Change: Increase minimum XenForo version requirement to 2.1.7 (#59)
  • Change: Increase minimum PHP version requirement to 7.3 (#60)
  • Fix: When creating code event listener method, passed by reference state is not respected (#58)
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  • New: Show callback execution order in code event listener list (#51)
  • New: Allow clamping versions via CLI (#52) (Thanks @Xon)
  • Change: Make execution order selectable in class extensions select (#50)
  • New: Show warnings when attempted to check for permissions or permission groups that do not exist (#34)
  • New: Allow creating permission via permission interface even if permissions already exist (#35)
  • New: Show class extension execution order in the list (#43)
  • New: Show template modification execution order (#44)
  • Fix: Upgrading to 1.1.0 does not migrate markdown files correctly (#45)
  • Fix: Certain CLI commands have wrong namespace (#46)
  • Fix: Doc block is before namespace instead of before class (#47)
Fix: Custom listener callback class and and method are not respected (#40)
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  • Fixed: Code event listener creates invalid documentation (#36)
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  • Fixed: Fatal error thrown when code even listeners callback method use namespace alias for type hinting (#31)
  • Removed: Even more XF 2.0 specific composer code (#32)
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  • New: Show style property group in breadcrumb
  • New: Show option group when adding option
  • New: Show template modification type in breadcrumb
  • New: Ability to exclude files and directories using exclude_files and exclude_directories respectively via build.json (#25)
  • New: Add to release archive
  • New: Class extensions will now have common classes already imported
  • New: Allow creating multiple phrases via the add phrase page (#27)
  • New: Automatically fill code event listener callback class and method based on selected event and add-on and create listener file / method as required (#28)
  • Changed: Entity class extensions created via CLI command will now have XF\Mvc\Entity\Structure class aliased to EntityStructure
  • Changed: Provided scripts now have .sh extension
  • Changed: Developer options group will now only be shown in debug mode
  • Changed: CLI commands have more consistent aliases
  • Changed: Changed execution order for all listeners
  • Changed: Increased minimum XenForo version requirement to 2.1.6 PL 1 (#30)
  • Fixed: Template modification test failing
  • Fixed: "View modifications" failing for templates
  • Fixed: Path for addon.json is not shown when invalid add-on id is provided for class extension CLI command (#26)
  • Removed: Dead class extension and phrases
  • Removed: Removed PHPUnit integration which was borderline useless
  • General code changes and improvements
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  • New: Enable hidden file-based email transport option
  • New: Option to disable template watching (performance improvement)
  • New: Option to disable file hash checking
  • New: Add link to build add-on archive from add-on control menu
  • New: New CLI command to add phrase
  • Changed: Allow per-style analysis of how template modifications apply
Some of the changes and bug-fixes were made by @Xon
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  • New ticktackk-devtools:git-init, ticktackk-devtools:git-move, tdt:create-entity and tdt:schema-entity (modified to round-trip better) CLI command
  • Added method to get random entity based on an identifier
  • Added post seed
  • New "Custom Git repository location" option
  • Show template modifications which are applying (or failing) for a template
  • Clear cache before adding files to the repository
  • Update default .gitignore file contents to include git.json, _metadata.json and .phpstorm.meta.php
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • More robust git-init
  • Release build no longer removes _data after successfully creating a repository
  • CLI command git-commit will now make use of the new ticktackk-devtools:git-move command
  • Move seeding process to Job to avoid timeouts
  • Default branch is now master for ticktackk-devtools:better-export command
  • Every seed will be now run as a random user
Bug fixes
  • Git username and email not showing correctly
  • File not found error when FakeComposer attempts to load files
  • FakeComposer would fail on non-Windows Server
  • Setup not porting old settings correctly
  • additional_files directive saving incorrectly
  • When attempting to seed specific file, it would fail
Some of the changes and bug-fixes were made by @Xon and @DragonByte Tech
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  • Faker integration
    • Check _seeds directory for sample
  • New CLI commands:
    • ticktackk-devtools:create-class-extension (thanks to @Xon)
    • ticktackk-devtools:seed
  • Allows hosting the google minification closure compiler locally to avoid rate-limiting (thanks to @Xon)
  • Some bash wrappers inside scripts directory (thanks to @Xon)
  • Fix: Redirect back to developer options page after making changes
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