1. 021

    [BS] ACP Extended 1.0.3

    .features: Button to add a phrase when editing a template modification and editing a template Button to add a CSS template when editing a template Color picker in template editor Quickly create extensions for classes Create extensible class hint for PHPStorm Automatic parsing of used...
  2. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Project Manager 2.1.4

    This add-on allows you to create a project manager! View demo Features list System: Add tags in projects Approve and unapprove for projects, tasks and comments Add prefixes for projects and tasks Add custom fields for projects and tasks Search projects User Group permissions Alert support...
  3. Ulas K

    XF 2.0 About Edit Footer, Password Tools and Enable Push Notifications

    Hello everyone, I hope you are fine... Excuse me, I'll take a few minutes for three questions on XenForo v2.0.12: How may I add custom text to footer on default style? How may I add password show/hide option to my own board? How may I enable push notifications option for visitors and members...
  4. TickTackk

    Developer Tools 1.4.3

    Developer Tools for XenForo 2.1.7+ Description This add-on provides enhancements for add-on developers. Features Show display order... Option group Options Permission groups Permission Test template modification against specific style Show breadcrumb for style property group Show template...
  5. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Job management

    Where can I find all running jobs (jobs that extends AbstractJob). How to correctly stop jobs that are already running? Where can I see messages sent using getStatusMessage() method? Maybe some console commands? Something like php cmd.php xf-showjobs...?
  6. XFA

    [XFA] Thread Copy 2.0.0

    Description With this add-on, the copy of a complete thread (or only the first post) in another forum is just a few clicks from you ! Features Copy a thread from: the new link in the Threads Tools menu or the inline moderation feature Usergroup permission While copying it is possible to...
  7. elvamo

    Unmaintained xF1-Español-(ESP)-[KL] Password Tools 1.0.3

    Its a translate for This add on (You need for use): Traduccion de este complemento: Be free to ask me a translation of the ad on it if you need it Se libre de...