Developer Tools

Developer Tools 1.3.5

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  • Change: Improvement to how XF\PermissionCache class is extended (#99) (Thanks @Xon)
  • Change: Disable the "View template modifications" feature of this add-on if standard library 1.5.0+ is detected (#101)
  • Fix: Many hard-coded text instead of using phrases in "View template modifications" page (#100)
  • General code improvements and compatibility fixes
  • Fix: Testing template modification for specific style does not work (#97)
  • Fix: Exception related to array_key_exists is thrown when creating a new user (6e6307d)
  • Fix: Unable to save phrases if you accidentally clicked the "Add more phrase" button (#82)
  • Fix: Undefined index exception is thrown when both permission group and permission does not exist (#92)
  • Fix: Clamping version returns "No phrases or templates were updated" (#93)
  • Fix: Decimal column types are not handled correctly when creating entity from table (#94)
  • Fix: Class ProcessBuilder is deprecated and need to switch to Process (#95)
  • New: Button to clear email logs (#90)
  • Change: Options, Permissions and Style Properties are now grouped in the output rather than displaying group inline (#88)
  • Change: Increase mails per-page to 100 (#89)
  • Fix: Fix newline printing literally in the resulting Markdown code (#88)
  • Fix: Cron entries that use "Day of the week" run schedule will now correctly generate readme entries (#87)
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  • New: Arguments must now be passed to tck-devtools:build-readme in order to build any of the 3 different output formats
  • New: A new argument can be passed to tck-devtools:build-readme in order to copy the resulting file to the _no_upload directory
  • New: Support for @Xon's require-soft recommendations parameter in addon.json
  • Change: Stop building readme when building add-on (#83)
  • Fix: Suppress DOM errors when attempting to convert markdown to HTML (#81)
  • Fix: Potential server error when attempting to copy files
  • Fix: Error with building the list of requirements if the version was * instead of an array
Some of the contributions were made by @DragonByte Tech
  • New: Allow viewing HTML and text sent via emails (#78)
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  • Change: Disable polyfill for JsMinifier closure (#74) (Thanks @DragonByte Tech)
  • Fix: Argument 2 passed to TickTackk\DeveloperTools\Listener::dispatcherPostRender() must be of the type string, null given (#73)
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  • Change: Apply default sort order for entities that are fetched when building README files (#71)
  • Fix: Style property description is same as title in README file (#67)
  • Fix: CLI command tck-devtools:build-readme does not have descriptive description (#69)
  • Fix: CLI command tck-devtools:add-phrase does not have description (#70)
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  • New: Handle in-line code tags when building README files (#64)
  • Change: The .idea directory will now be excluded by default when building add-on release archive (#63)
  • Change: Do not try to autodetect google closure compiler (#66)
  • Fix: Excluded directories are not respected when building add-on release archive (#62)
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