Day Night Switcher

Day Night Switcher 1.0.0 (RC 3)

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
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With this addon forum style will be changing automatically depending on part of the day. So users that come at 13:24 will see "day style" and users that come at 02:51 will see "night style".

It is useful because light styles with prevailing white color are very uncomfortable (physically) at night (or at early morning).

Opening your forum with this addon at night will not cause eye irritation and there will be no need to change the style directly.

  • Select day and night style from existing forum styles
  • Customizable day time
  • Current time is calculated including user's timezone (or default forum timezone)
  • An ability to enable/disable addon functionality for guests
  • Users can enable/disable addon in preferences
    • Permission "Disable Day Night Switcher" in "General permissions"
  • Day and night styles are marked in "Styles" page in Admin CP
  1. Download an addon archive and unpack it somewhere
  2. Open upload folder and move src folder to your forum root directory
  3. In admin panel go to "Add-ons" section and install "Day Night Switcher" addon
That's all!
You can forget about eye irritation and direct changing forum styles at day/night now!
Day Night Switcher will do it for you!


Day and night styles are marked in "Styles" page in Admin CP:

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Latest reviews

Great addon, does what it says it will do. I will give it another star if you can make more time periods possible instead of just a day and night. It would be great if I could select a new time period and choose the style to switch over to in that time period. This would give me the ability to have morning, afternoon, sunset and night time.
Very nice add-on, does exactly what it says. My only suggestion would to have the user's preferences dialogue be a drop-down, and let them select 'Day/Night', 'Dark', and 'Light', so that the user can choose if they want they always want the 'dark' version for example if that isn't the default outside of this add-on.
It is nice.
It would have been nice if there was a button for users to manually select.
Can you do that?
Thank you! To select what? Users can deactivate addon for them if they have a "Disable Day Night Switcher" permission.