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Day Night Switcher - This addon automatically changes forum style depending on part of the day

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With this addon forum style will be changing automatically depending on part of the day. So users that come at 13:24 will see "day style" and users that come at 02:51 will see "night style".

It is useful because light styles with prevailing white color are very uncomfortable at night (or at early morning).

Opening your forum with this addon at night will not cause eye irritation and there will be no need to change the style directly...
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You have a fixed time for the change.
Does it take account of the timezone the users are in or is this only based on the server time?


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Does it take account of the timezone the users are
Yes, it does.

There is no point to use server time only as some users may live far away from default forum timezone.

But default forum timezone will be used for guests (if addon is enabled for guests)
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I have a feature request I believe would make this addon far more superior then it already is.
Having an option for 2 different header logos changing with the day and night styles to help avoid contrast conflicts or whatever.


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This can be achieved by setting different logos for different styles inside styles properties. No need to add to addon I think.


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Would be great that if your an admin you can still change the style on the style selector on the index.

Would Also be great to have an option for users to enable and disable this feature so they can chose to pick whatever style they like without it changing every few hours.

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