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Unmaintained DamnComputer - Status In Post 1.0.5a

Displays a users status in their postbit on the forum.

  1. Marc
    This is a very simple mod (and my very first one so go easy guys lol)

    Adds the post authors status underneith their avatar in each post as per screenshot.

    To unstall, upload everything in the upload directory and install the add-on contained in the zip file.

    UPDATE 1.01:
    • Added setting into options page to change the prefix "STATUS:" to whatever you wish (Thankyou to Lawrance's addon tutorial for help on this)
    • Now removes the prefix when there is no status present to tidy it up.
    UPDATE 1.0.2
    • Template and CSS now setup rather than being hard coded in PHP files
    • Prefix moved above the text to separate from the status itself
    • Truncated to a single line, showing only on hover
    UPDATE 1.0.3

    • Updated for xenforo 1.1 to show in correct locations when custom profile fields are showing
    UPDATE 1.0.4
    • Fix to better suit xenforo 1.2.1
    • Added admin setting to limit chars shown in postbit
    UPDATE 1.0.5
    • Status below usertitle is now optional in options
    • Status now added to hover over username as in memberlist
    Status shows on hovering over the usernames in posts, as seen in the memberlist.


    Optionally the status shows in the post as below before hovering over



    after hovering it shows like this :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tarynjh
    Version: 1.0.5a
    The status is displaying correctly in the postbit area but a little issue I've been having is that the status is also displaying at the top of a discussion or conversation page. I currently had to disable it. I installed it on my site with 1.5 and upgraded to 2.4 yesterday and the issue remained the same on both versions.
  2. Adam Howard
    Adam Howard
    Version: 1.0.5a
    Nice little eye candy.