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[CZ] Modify Title Length 1.0.1

Modify the maximum length of the thread title

  1. wedge1001
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    CC BY-SA
    This is a small Add-On wich will allow you some simple configuration of your thread-title length.
    I've limited the max. length to 200 Characters. The smallest max. value will be 25.

    In a future Version it's intended to extend this to the conversation-title and the poll-title.

    Upload all the Files from the zip/upload-folder and install the plugin via XML-upload in your Admin-CP.

    You can do this via Admin-CP.
    In the process of removing any changes to the database all thread-titles longer than 150 Charcters will be truncated after 150 characters.

    This is my first Add-On. Please bear with me.



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