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[cXF] Mobile Footer 1.0.6

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Add a fixed mobile footer with some extra features and customize it.

  • enable/disable mobile footer
  • set page width to show the mobile footer
  • set width for each tab for icon
  • customize mobile footer container in style properties (background, border, etc.)
  • move visitor tabs (account, conversation, alerts) to mobile footer
  • show login/register icons in the mobile footer
  • move mobile menu icon from main navigation to mobile footer
  • add up to 5 custom icons (icons can be changed in Options)
  • additionally show text below icons
  • add URL for icons
  • all icons are customizable in style properties (change font size, color, tab background, etc.)
  • text below icon is customizable (change font size, color)
  • every icon can have its own menu
  • icon menus are editable in templates (code examples are already inside; you can also add widgets in the menu)
  • check screens below for more...

DEMO on customizexf.com


< example with 5 icons and a menu icon >


< example with 5 icons with text below and a menu icon >


< example of customization >



< menu icon can be moved from main navigation to mobile footer >


< example with login/register icons in mobile footer >



< example with visitor tabs (account, conversation, alerts) in the mobile footer >


< example of icon menu with some links and a widget >

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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.6

    now the mobile footer will show below the pop-up windows
  2. 1.0.5

    now when viewing an image in lightbox the mobile footer is hidden
  3. 1.0.4

    bugfix for copyright visibility

Latest reviews

Just got the Premium package from BassMan cause of the excellent functionality tools provided by his add-ons. I have to say this feature right here is nothing short of amazing. My website looks like a professionally made app on mobile now. Now My site looks and feels more professional. Something that is needed in these times of mobile devices taking over. I highly recommend this add-on. You are allowed to set the links you want to be added to the footer. Big Brain Developer.
Nice to hear this ad-on works out for you and you find value in it. Thank you very much for your review.
This is a great little Ap. Looks fantastic in mobile with great design options. This is one of my favorite ad-ons. Once again, thank you. You are a treasure to Xenforo.
Great to hear you find it useful and thank you for your nice review.
Great plugin! Very intuitive... Members can now easily switch between tabs... Please rename Bassman to Batman!
Thank you for your kind review. Glad you like it.
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