[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer 2.1.13

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  • bug fix for footer columns title icons (for XF 2.1)
  • bug fix for footer widget height

NOTE: update only when you upgrade your forum to XF 2.1
  • CSS fix for footer link icons
  • changes made to work with XF 2.1

NOTE: update only when you upgrade your forum to XF 2.1
  • bug fix for fixed and wide footer
  • small bug fix to avoid having multiple CSS codes
  • bug fix in responsive view when using widgets in footer
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*upgrade only if you use XF 2.0.6 Beta 1 or higher
  • if you use fixed notice (and default cookie notice) with fixed footer option from this add-on the notice will show a bit higher so you can see the footer (you can see it live on our site)
  • bug fix for contact us icon in footer
  • bug fix for privacy policy icon in footer
  • compatibility fix for XF 2.0.5
  • new feature: footer widgets
    • 3 footer widget positions (above footer links, below footer links, above copyright)
    • enable footer widget position in style properties and add any widget you want from the widget page

Example screens:




View footer widgets on our site in action.
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