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[cXF] Advanced Footer [Paid] 2.0.5

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Brad Padgett

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Glad to see this updated to Xenforo 2. I haven't upgraded yet as I'm waiting on a stable release as well as wondering what I'm going to do about a style since themescorp isn't releasing the Xenforo 2 version of my style until many months down the road. However once I find a style for my site I definitely plan to buy this.

I wanted to thank you for making it. Also if you made a new welcome notice add on that would be amazing too. Just an idea if you ever find the time. Thanks again.

Brad Padgett

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Just upgraded my account on your site to Gold and made the purchase! :p

I'm hoping the welcome notice is included with Gold. Looking forward to seeing it release and very excited about upgrading now that Xenforo 2 is official. I just bought UI.X 2 so I'm going to toy with this tonight. Anyways more money well spent. Thanks for your hard work @BassMan

Brad Padgett

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Yep we got a problem. Dang why is this happening :(

The add-on doesn't work for the style UI.X 2. I made sure the styles footer was off and everything but apparently when setting columns to on, nothing appears. The UI.X footer doesn't seem to be able to be customized with anything but the sidebar widgets which is a huge bummer.

I checked the default style and the footer add on worked with the default style but for some reason will not work with the UI.X 2 theme.

Not sure where to go from here. The add on worked fine on XF 1.5 and I was using a different style other than default on that one too so not sure why this happened.




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It's a custom style. I believe it's too customized. This add-on is tested for default style. I can check on your board if you give me an admin access.

Brad Padgett

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It's a custom style. I believe it's too customized. This add-on is tested for default style. I can check on your board if you give me an admin access.
Okay I'll message you now. I hope you can get it to work. If it's too complicated after you try let me know. Thanks.


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Brad Padgett

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For anyone else using a UI.X based theme that wants to use advanced footer here's how you get it to work to save bassman the trouble.

First enable debug mode in your config.php located in the src folder of your installation. You do that by adding this code to that file:

$config['debug'] = true;
Then go to appearance > template modifications

The template modification is for page_container

In the find box put this:

<div class="p-footer-copyrightRow">
                <div class="pageContent">
In the replace box put this:

<xf:if is="property('af_col_enable') == 'enabled'">
    <xf:include template="cxf_advanced_footer_columns" />
<xf:if is="$xf.options.af_col_social_enable">
    <xf:if is="!$xf.options.af_col_social_pos">
        <div class="cxf-column cxf-column-social">
            <xf:if is="property('af_col_social_hide_title') == 'disabled'"><h3>{{ property('af_col_social_title') }}</h3></xf:if>
            <xf:include template="cxf_advanced_footer_social" />
Make sure the template modification is for page_container and click save. Then simply go back to your config.php file in the src folder and erase the code you put for debug mode so that it's back in normal mode.

Hope that helps.


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BassMan updated [cXF] Advanced Footer with a new update entry:


*upgrade only if you use XF 2.0.6 Beta 1 or higher
  • if you use fixed notice (and default cookie notice) with fixed footer option from this add-on the notice will show a bit higher so you can see the footer (you can see it live on our site)
  • bug fix for contact us icon in footer
  • bug fix for privacy policy icon in footer
Read the rest of this update entry...
How can I to show, add or edit content to footer column?
  • footer columns
    • show up to three customizable footer columns (change background, content, title, colors, borders etc.)
    • add text or any other content to footer column
    • disable footer columns on mobile if you wish
I don't find the documents for guide to use this add on.