Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs 1.6.3

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Nice. Should have option for default tab deletion and addition too. This way it would help in adjusting the current tabs too
Best add-on for the job! I have one that is $20 and this one is better and simple! Good job <3 and of course I love it`s free!
SIMPLY THE BEST custom tabs addon. When I've seen it's FREE I COULD NOT BELIEVE! Thank you so much @Siropu!
Love your Chat application and thanks for this free one. The quality of your work makes me perk when seeing that you're the author of the add-on!
SIMPLY THE BEST custom tabs addon. When I've seen it's FREE I COULD NOT BELIEVE! Thank you so much @Siropu!
Just what I was looking for. I had been trying to do this as node tabs however it wasn't ideal, but having the ability to just add whatever link you need is perfect, also the ability to colour code links is a nice little bonus.
Excellent add-on.

Any forum needs social sharing to be more prominent if it's going to serve in the Twitter and Facebook age, but it took me a while to find one that did what I wanted with the options I wanted. This one is it.
Absolutely easy to use and very helpful. Saved me a lot of time. Thanks for the free add on! This makes the task of adding to the navbar very easy.
WOW talk about easy-to-use, this add-on is most certainly that!

Of all the modifications (for vB) or add-ons (for XF) that I've ever used to add a tab/link into the Navigation Bar, this one was the most intuitive I've ever come across. Kudos for such a great working and easy-to-use resource!
Works great! A suggestion might be to delete/edit the current menu items as well. For now; I will use the documentation to edit the menu items. :)
A must have for any forum, You can always use Tabs and this addon is perfect to add tabs across multiple themes. This addon is used on every forum I own.
This guys addons are the BEST. Just added a page and needed its own link in the navigation bar, this did it and it highlights it when your on that page unlike if you were to add it manually
Great.. exactly what I was looking for ;) I had already made some template modifications, but after I found this add on I removed it again and using this one.. great.. thanks.
Does the job really well, and you can even change the colours to make it look really pretty or to separate categories, etc :)
Great mod, easy to use and straight forward. The author was also very helpful in resolving any issues that came up.
Great AddOn. Easy to install and use and does what it is supposed to do. Thanks for making this available.
It does exactly what it says it will do, and more. Siropu, as usual, with a quality addon. Easy to install, easy to configure, what more can you ask?
Custom tabs are always great to link extra stuff through that you don't want all over your forums.

Surprised this is a free addon :p
Works great as I have concerns or comments on this plugin! Job well done in developing it! This is alot easier to do than editing the coding from time to time.
This little gem does what it says on the tin. Many thanks for sharing this with the community! I use this to highlight the member upgrades on my forum.