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Custom 404 Page by Siropu 1.1.7

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This add-on allows you to customize your 404 error page, keep track of missing URLs and redirect them to new pages.

It comes with a basic error message but you can customize the page the way you want it using HTML and XF template syntax, having the option to remove the header and the footer.

Log can be found in ACP > Tools > 404 not found

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Latest updates

  1. Bug Fix

    Fixed an issue with checkbox selection reset button. Also made some changes to the list to make...
  2. Bug Fix

    Error upgrading to 1.1.5.
  3. Improvement

    I have added an index key for URLs to speed up the query on 404 pages.

Latest reviews

This needed to be bumped! Works great, and being able to add redirects from ACP is fantastic! The best part is, it's FREE!! Thanks Siropu!!
important resource that has actually helped increase my traffic. Ability to redirect 404s to the new location is critical! must-have for any board that has moved software or url formats in the past
Good work! Thats what nearly all actual systems has on board from scratch and what is really important these days! Thanks!
Have most of Siropu's paid add-ons so this was a no-brainer. Very helpful. Simple, yet provides a ton of value in so many ways. Another great add-on by Siropu.
This is a must have, I found so many 404s with it. You can easily identify which pages have the most 404s and setup redirects for them with just a couple clicks. 404s suck, this addon makes them suck a bit less
This addon was published not long ago as a free addon and this became quickly one of the most liked addons as you see. The developer was very friendly in developing a lot of requests. Thank you.
Nice addon to the forums. allows you to see who is constanly hitting the wrong url or even fake urls by would be hackers.
This is a must have addon for any site. It quickly shows you what non existent pages are being hit and from where. If you have dead internal links on your site then this will expose it. You might be surprised what you will find.
Your 404 addon is first class!
The addon is an absolute "must have" for all users who have been migrated from another forum software to XenForo.
I was able to recognize ~ 18,000 links from old vBSEO times that did not work anymore and regex them to new links that work. Thank you for the addon.
Besides helping redirect otherwise lost traffic from old URLs getting hit, it revealed a bot was hitting our server with some errant code on their behalf causing a large amount of 404 errors on the server. We've reached to the company and they're working on it.
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