404 error

  1. Siropu

    Custom 404 Page by Siropu 1.1.7

    This add-on allows you to customize your 404 error page, keep track of missing URLs and redirect them to new pages. It comes with a basic error message but you can customize the page the way you want it using HTML and XF template syntax, having the option to remove the header and the footer...
  2. DWJames

    XF 1.5 Crawled urls not including base ref, so giving 404 errors

    Hi, I'm checking our server logs and limiting 404 errors where possible. I can see that we have several 404s that result from the url base ref not being included, so I'm wondering if I have a configuration issue or what we can do about this. So our base ref includes a forum directory -...
  3. Michael Brickhouse

    XF 1.3 Everything 404 :(

    Migrated site from one server to another on had a server error , now home page is back but all other pages are 404 , is this a directory issue ? And how do you change the password in myphpadmin for my login , it will not work .. Help ! https://www.talkgear.net/ Thanks Mike
  4. abdfahim

    Lots of 404 errors

    Hi, I had my website unmaintained for a period and I had a huge spam attack at that time (around 3 month back). But since then it is very well maintained and I don't have any spam for a long time. But still in my google webmaster, I see thousands of 404 errors coming everyday. And those links...
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