Custom 404 Page by Siropu

Custom 404 Page by Siropu 1.1.7

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Fixed an issue with checkbox selection reset button.
Also made some changes to the list to make it more compact.
Error upgrading to 1.1.5.
I have added an index key for URLs to speed up the query on 404 pages.
Added persistent selections.
Fixed some issues with search and ordering.
Made some changes to prevent errors when invalid URLs are provided.
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Added wildcard (*) search for URLs.
Added persistent mass checkbox check.
Changed the referrer column from blob to mediumblob to hold more data.
Added IP log for entries from non-members.
Added option to search by IP.
Added option to clear log (all, no redirect, from IP).

Bug Fix
Submit row for individual delete add redirect option, not visible.
Added admin option to ignore URLs.
Added option to add multiple redirect URLs at the same time.
Added option to add the same redirect URL for multiple entries at the same time.
Added option to delete multiple entries at the same time.
Added "Referrer" field to display the URLs that linked to the 404 page.
Added option to search entries by URL or Redirect URL.
Added tabs to filter by links with or without redirects.
Added option to order by Entry date, Last view date and View count in both ascending and descending order.
Added admin option to add redirects using Regular Expressions.
Made some CSS adjustments to make longer links fit.

P.S. For those who want to donate, I have added a donation link in the resource description.