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CTA Extra Colours 1.0.0

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  6. 1.5
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This is a very simple add-on which adds 20 new properties to the Color Palette.
They can be used in Style Properties, templates and Page nodes, avoiding the need to use hard-coded values when using colours in addition to those available in the default Color Palette.

There is nothing to upload, just unzip and install addon-CTA_ExtraColours.xml via the ACP.

The new properties will appear at the bottom of the palette, as shown in the following screenshot.


Just click on a colour as normal to modify it.
The colours can then be selected throughout the Style Properties in the normal manner, or if using EXTRA.css or another template, the colour name takes the form @CTAExtraColour1, @CTAExtraColour2 and so on.

To uninstall, use the controls on the Installed Add-ons page and select Uninstall.
Any Style Properties which were set to use one of the extra colours will revert to the original default setting. Any templates utilising the properties will have to be manually updated.

Latest reviews

I've been trying my hand at creating some styles, so I've become familiar with how the Color Palette works. When I started implementing some of the other style tips found here in the RM, I was disappointed to have to hard code the colours. That is, until I found this add-on. It works amazingly, and I can tweak and poke colours from the one place without having to dive in and out of templates. Thanks!
Fantastic add-on! Thank you!
thanks :)
Incredibly useful.
Excellent add-on especially when working with custom styles. Save your favorite colors!
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