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Unmaintained [CTA] Countdown Timer 1.7.5_00_EQnoble

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You can now add the timer to a page node , just paste the following snippet into that page node's Template HTML: that you desire

<xen:include template="cta_countdown_pagehook" />
a fix for a careless error that I had made
There was a small bug in the way dayjust times are calculated which caused some funny things to happen with the hours pending on what timezone a user was viewing from. A fix has been put in place.

Please let me know if you find any errors in the timing setup as with all of the timezone offsets plus daily adjust offset stuff, mining out potential issues without naturally coming across them has driven me bat sh...well just crazy.

Thanks for your help in furthering this addon.
A few changes...
  • Time elements in sidebar use phrases now

  • Title has option to be a link as well as allowing URL input for the link

  • Timer is set to be relative to a viewers time but now also has the option to ignore the users time and make it relative to to the timer setting according to GMT. (for now one will have to calculate that manually until I find motivation)
  • Time can be set to repeat daily at the same time and ignore day and date settings
This update should fix the timezone settings.
From this post -

You can edit the cta_countdown_main template if you would like to / need to change up some of the css styling.
After installing this addon you can with minimal configuration turn it into a widget for [bd] Widget Framework , this is a simple set of instructions which makes the timer sidebar block render properly within the widget framework

Ok right to it then....


Navigate to:

Home > Options > Clip The Apex's Countdown Timer

Edit Option: Enable Sidebar Block

Un-check this option

(By disabling the sidebar block which can only be rendered once per page, you make it available for other systems such as WFw to render it)


Now we will add the widget itself and call to display the timer with the widget framework rather than in the standard original way.

First download and install the following, the countdown and WFw are required to be installed first.


Navigate to:

Appearance > Add Widget
1 add widget.webp

Now we start filling in the for the fields as they are written below... @XFRocks was nice enough to help me along with the renderer which basically means for you guys, adding the widget is as simple as a click and pasting in the locations that you use for your sidebar in this example I will default it to 'all' and you can edit it to your liking pending how you are already using the framework.

CTA Countdown Timer Widget


and to activate the widget...
Widget is Active: Checked
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