Crypto Payments

Crypto Payments 0.1.0

No permission to buy (£20.00)
GREAT add-on. Works seamlessly and the developer is very responsive. Had a couple questions and they were answered right away. Very well done.
Great product, works well, no nonsense setup process and quick payment. Pleasure using addons like this one. Thank you for your product.
Bought this getting an error hope to get a reply soon made a ticket, Thanks. Hope we can get this resolved soon.
The reviews system is not the place to get support. Make a ticket first and at least allow us to address your concerns.

We're aware of only one bug with the add-on, in cases where the customer is using XF2.0 (which is unsupported by XF now), due to a different version of a dependency. We have a patch release for these versions. Customers can contact support and we'll provide that to them. We are not aware of any other bugs.