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Coinbase Commerce Integration [Paid] 1.0.2

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nanocode submitted a new resource:

Crypto Payments - Accept cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) as a payment method.

Crypto Payments allows you to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Give your users more payment method choice, and protect yourself from fraud and chargebacks, by accepting cryptocurrencies.

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Supported gateways: Coinbase Commerce
Planned: Bitpay...

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thank you sir!!
add-on look good!!

suggestion in future

1. make compatible with dragon byte credits

2. add payment which does not require third party because coinbase and bitpay are communists
maybe btcpay or other. not sure other maybe other user can write here
I only know btcpay


I will watch this add-on

hip hip hooray!

1. make compatible with dragon byte credits
We add our integrations on top of the XenForo gateway API. If Dragonbyte uses that API (which is pretty likely) it should work with Dragonbyte Credits, too.

Edit: For clarification, very generally, some add-ons may need specific changes to our implementations to function with whatever they're doing. I am not familiar with DB's Credits add-on and how it uses gateways. The above is simply a general comment for most add-ons that utilise payment gateways. If an add-on properly implements the XF gateway API this add-on should work well with it. It may be best to check with the other add-on's author and ask us in advance, as well, to see if they believe any particulars will be required if you plan to use this with 3rd party add-ons. If incompatibilities arise, I'm always happy to help modify my add-on or talk with other developers if adjustments are required to ensure compatibility.

2. add payment which does not require third party because coinbase and bitpay are communists
Coinbase Commerce isn't directly connected to Coinbase in that sense (doesn't require information like ID, and has less requirements), so it should hopefully meet your needs there. It's unlikely we'll add manual support for accepting Bitcoin, since that's an large amount of work and not really necessary or economic given the variety of good options available for crypto payment processing.
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1. u are right. it will work. thanks

2. the user doesn't need ID or anything, but as a seller you need a coinbase merchant account
coinbase won't allow merchants with certain websites based on politics or their views

just look at they got banned from coinbase, bitpay PayPal, and all of the other paygates because there website has 'hate speech' that's why we don't need a third party. they are two faced

that's whole point of crypto, to defeat third parties
I might as well use paypal,

you must not understand the fight against free speech

I'm disappointed you won't add manual payments but anyways good add-on, I'm sure others will use it
thanks for making it

Thanks, perfect work! I'm asking for more cryptocurrency payment processors in future, not just bitpay and coinbase.
Thanks, perfect work! I'm asking for more cryptocurrency payment processors in future, not just bitpay and coinbase.
I do plan to add others, likely, in the near future. If you have any specific ones I'd be happy to hear your suggestions! :)
Is it possible to purchase this addon with bitcoin?
It's a bit ironic (since we're selling a cryptocurrency payment add-on), but no, we don't support Bitcoin payments right now. Only PayPal and Stripe are accepted at this time.

Are there any types of callbacks in the addon?
No callbacks! :)
(except, of course, to the payment gateways you choose to use with the payment information).

I remember your feedback from a previous add-on regarding callbacks a few years ago. None of our add-ons have callbacks in them right now, and haven't for a few years.
Am I correct that coinbase commerce doesnt allow bank or PayPal withdrawal?
Coinbase Commerce is a lightweight offering by Coinbase. It has simple and elegant merchant tools to accept cryptocurrency payments. Once you receive the cryptocurrency from the customer, you must manually withdraw it. You can transfer it to an external wallet and keep it as cryptocurrency, or you can move it to Coinbase and withdraw it into cash via Coinbase. Although Coinbase Commerce doesn't charge fees to accept payments, it does charge the regular Bitcoin network transaction fee to withdraw your money. If you use Coinbase to withdraw to fiat, you'll be paying those fees as well.

I think they tried to go for a mix with Coinbase Commerce, support both fiat users (with the extra regulatory burdens that can have) and users just trying to accept cryptocurrency.

Did you test the addon without a coinbase account?
The Coinbase Commerce gateway requires a Coinbase Commerce account. I believe Coinbase Commerce accounts aren't connected to Coinbase (it's not one account across both products like they do with GDAX). The account I tested with had an email that was not the same as a regular Coinbase account, if that's what you mean? It was tested with live transactions over the Bitcoin network.
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@AddonFlare @Robust please see if you can make integration between cryptopayments and paid registrations happen.
This add-on implements gateways using the gateway API built into XF2. Generally speaking, if an add-on supports XF's gateways correctly, rather than develop its own gateway integrations, it should work out of the box. Some add-ons might require some custom adjustments to support extra gateways, but in most cases that'd be down to that add-on to make the necessary modifications by extending our classes. Happy to discuss with other devs if that'd be required in those cases, or make adjustments to our add-on if those would better ensure compatibility more generally.

The aim is to support any add-ons utilising the XF gateway API, not just the user upgrades.
Is it supported possibility to introduce a custom currency?
No. The closest we'd get to that is with the integration we're working on. CoinPayments supports a large number of coins so that'd be the closest to accepting very non-traditional coins (assuming the coin you're looking for is supported by If it's a custom coin you've made, then no, unfortunately that wouldn't be supported and would require custom development.
I do plan to add others, likely, in the near future. If you have any specific ones I'd be happy to hear your suggestions! :)
Yes, CoinPayments is more secure, than bitpay :) suggestions:
  1. CoinPayments
  3. (I don't use them)
  4. (also don't use)

Will your addon support xf 2.1?
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