payment gateway

  1. 021

    Beta [BS] Crypto payment powered by 1.0.0 beta 2

    Payment gateway for accepting payments in cryptocurrency. You only need to install the add-on, add a payment profile, and your users will be able to pay for all purchases on the forum using cryptocurrency. Maximum anonymity, speed and accessibility. No restrictions, no installation problems...
  2. 021

    [BS] Litecoin payment 1.0.1

    Litecoin has much lower fees and faster transaction speeds than Bitcoin The add-on allows you to accept payment in Litecoin to your server, without third-party services. To convert currency to Litecoin, the Binance rate is used. If you have problems configuring the Litecoin core, I can offer...
  3. paytr

    Unmaintained PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API 1.1.5

    Ücretsiz olarak PayTR'a başvurabilir ve hemen sitenize sanal pos entegrasyonu yapabilirsiniz. Kurulum ve Kullanım Kılavuzu için Tıklayınız. You can apply to PayTR free of charge and integrate virtual pos to your site immediately. PAYTR, is a service which provides the website owners a way to...
  4. mattrogowski

    Lack of interest Allow customisation of payment callback response within payment handler

    I'm creating a new payment provider integration, and it requires a certain response to be output when the webhook has been processed. Currently payment_callback.php returns output with this: $response ->body(htmlspecialchars($state->logMessage)) ->send($request); I can't extend this...
  5. G

    XF 2.2 Understanding Payment

    Hello Guys, I start to build and learn how a payment gateway works My specific question is with which function the transaction is checked and if it is successful it is written in xf_user_upgrade_active Is that a function getPaymentResult() ? Thanks a lot.
  6. coofcookie

    XF 2 [Paid] Stripe Checkout integration

    Hi, I need a Stripe Checkout integration for there payment methods: Credit Card, iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, Przelewy24 and ESP. Send me a message with your estimated price and reviews. Thanks
  7. 021

    [BS] Bitcoin payment 1.4.0

    The add-on allows you to accept payment in Bitcoin to your server, without third-party services. To convert currency to bitcoin, the Blockchain rate is used. If you have problems configuring the Bitcoin core, I can offer you a service for installing and configuring the Bitcoin core for $70. It...
  8. ActorMike

    XF 2.1 for member upgrades

    Is now supported in XF 2.0?
  9. nanocode

    Coinbase Commerce Integration 1.0.2

    This Coinbase Commerce integration allows you to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Give your users more payment method choice, and protect yourself from fraud and chargebacks, by accepting cryptocurrencies. About Coinbase Commerce Coinbase...
  10. cloakfox

    Add-on Mollie intergration for Xenforo 2 (payment gateway) (European)

    Dear community, It has come to my attention that most payment gateways currently intergrated in xenforo 1 & 2 only allow you to checkout with creditcard (stripe, 2checkout, braintree and paypal) all support creditcards. Because I want to support a lot of Dutch customers, I would need debit...