Add-on Mollie intergration for Xenforo 2 (payment gateway) (European)


Dear community,

It has come to my attention that most payment gateways currently intergrated in xenforo 1 & 2 only allow you to checkout with creditcard (stripe, 2checkout, braintree and paypal) all support creditcards.

Because I want to support a lot of Dutch customers, I would need debit card support. The payment gateway mollie supports: iDeal (The Netherlands), bancontact (Belgium), Sofort banking (Germany), Paysafecard (World wide) and many more (

I would like to know how much $ it would cost to get this custom coded as an addon for xenforo 2

Mollie has an easy to understand developer guide and api's

Kind regards,

Who did help you to develop this ADD on, we are looking for custom integration of a few payment gateways, actually we are up on 5 which currently are not supported with Xenforo!
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