1. cloakfox

    Unmaintained Mollie payment gateway 1.0.1

    Mollie is a payment gateway that supports iDeal, Paysafecard, SOFORT Banking and many more payment methods (Full list). To integrate it with Xenforo 2 you will first need to register and account with Mollie. (You will need live/test api keys later on) The advantage of using Mollie over Stripe...
  2. cloakfox

    Add-on Mollie intergration for Xenforo 2 (payment gateway) (European)

    Dear community, It has come to my attention that most payment gateways currently intergrated in xenforo 1 & 2 only allow you to checkout with creditcard (stripe, 2checkout, braintree and paypal) all support creditcards. Because I want to support a lot of Dutch customers, I would need debit...