Conversation Essentials

Unmaintained Conversation Essentials 1.14.1

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  • Fix inbox full alerts not being displayable
  • Allow rejoin conversation to work on non-ignored conversations (which are listed)
  • Support Collaborative Threads as an export conversation target.
    • Recipients are automatically added as collaborators
  • Support UI.X "Visitor tabs to user bar" option
  • Rework extending conversation_recipients, new functionality is now provided by the template conversation_recipients_convess
  • Add per-device persistent option to hide recipients who have left a conversation
    • Uses font-awesome icons, but phrased so you can use others.
  • Allow saving without selecting any export nodes, an add config checks to the 'can copy Conversation to Thread' feature.
  • Permission based ability to rejoin deleted conversations which have yet to be hard deleted
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  • Fix possible error marking a conversation a read/unread
  • Fix compatibility with Post Ratings for "Conversation Essentials - Post Rating support"
  • Fix compatibility with a private add-on
  • Fix for undefined variable when viewing conversation message search results
  • Fix migration code from really old versions
  • Fix export conversation feature compatibility with a private add-on.
  • Remove a redundant index on convess_group table
  • Code cleanup catching some potential bugs
  • Fix old conversation essential upgrade path blocking XF2 upgrade.
    • Upgrade to Conversation Improvements 1.3.8 to migrate any blocking changes for XF2 upgrade
  • Fix Filtered conversations appearing in main inbox
  • Fix alert pop-up occurring when a filtered conversation is received.
  • Rebuild conversation count on applying bulk-filter
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  • Convert a number of older template modifications to regex's to better support modern themes
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  • Add missing convessTab style property which wasn't correctly linked up since v1.6.0
  • Improve theme compatibility when injecting conversation options into navigation_visitor_tab
    • Moves code out of template modification and into a new navigation_visitor_tab_convess template.
    • Is not directly compatible with UIX's "uix_visitorTabsToUserBar" setting, but enables easily adding a template modification to inject the "navigation_visitor_tab_convess" template into the right spot.
  • Add optional leave link to conversation list items
    • Disabled by default.
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