Content Ratings

Content Ratings 2.6.0

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An excellent add-on from a great xF developer. A highly customisable way to extend the Likes system.
Addon works perfectly but the amazing support from Xon is what makes this 5 stars. He's extremely helpful and any issues are always resolved fast.
Nice options and natural successor to Post Ratings. The developer has been responsive to my questions and bug reports.
Great features in this add-on. More features in this than any other reaction add-on to date. My favorite addition is the click to pull up reactions feature. This has taken the cake on any other reaction add-on. Xon is an excellent developer and always impresses me with his intuitive dedication and updates to all of his add-ons. He may be an inspiring Xenforo Dev one day.
Not sure why this is not part of the core yet. Awesome add-on by an awesome developer! I even use it sort of as a reputation system with the bar in postbit.
A great addon with excellent support from Xon, this addon make my member more active on forum rather than before, they like it so much! thank you Xon!.
This add-on is a great replacement for the one we used in a previous version of Xenforo. Great customer service and response time too. Definitely recommend this add-on and developer.
Very good, thanks. Installed this on my forum and it works great. I highly applaud the developer for coming up with such an excellent work.
Excellent add-on, does exactly what it says. So many features and easy to configure. The developer is always there with updates and bugs fixes if any.
A solid replacement for Post Ratings in XF2 :)

Pretty flexible with how ratings can be defined, and integrates with profile posts and conversations out of the box as well.
Content Ratings is an add-on built from the ground up with performance, extensibility and scalability in mind. Rock solid code and a must have for forums of all sizes and demographics.
Best XF rating addon by far (I've paid for the others and regret it). Also, the author has been receptive to the user's suggestions and helpful/quick to resolve issues.
This has easily become one of the most beloved and useful features of my community. I can recommend this to anyone. We have it tailored with the whitelist feature so that depending on what subforum of the site you are in, you get different and unique ratings to choose from that are relevant to the topic at hand. I recommend the Open Source Twitter Emoji pack as free icons to pick from. It has every emoji possible. The support and commitment from Xon have been Steller. Open your wallet to him and buy all his things.
Awesome rating addon for XF, the best rating solution I have seen for a mobile device in any forum platform. And the support is insanely quick, helpful and accommodating!
"Can you please add a ..... rating?"

We've all heard that as forum owners many a time, and with this, the answer is yes! A near infinite number of options for reactions.

Then you add the ability to black/white list, and trigger reactions based on thresholds.

Add to this the ability to allow your users to assist staff by auto reporting items with negative post ratings (automatically too), and you have a highly functional, well written, and extremely powerful addon.

For the price you are effectively getting a group content moderation system, as well as a content ratings system.

NOTE: Currently you can only apply ONE trigger/threshold to reactions. This has been reported to the developer to see if it's possible to trigger multiples (e.g report at 5 reactions, remove at 10).
Awesome and highly customizable addon. I very like the "Content actions" sections so you can perform actions at certain amount of received ratings. Great support also.
Very feature rich with a great look. It really is a must have for a forum as users love this feature. The only complaint is that the author locks a key feature (Reactions Given List) and makes you purchase an additional AddOn in order to enable.
an excellent add on for xenforo that gives facebook like 'likes and loves' etc. to our forums. Could do with better instructions upon installation as at the time I had to ask for help but hopefully its been improved now :)
Superb rating addon. Developer (Xon) is probably one of the best here. Always try to help customers, listen customers and quickly resolve bugs.
Shine on Xon!
Personally I really like this addon! However, I just wanted to address the last review by "Strong". So yeah... there is no documentation, but when I couldn't figure out how to configure certain settings I simply went to Xon's website, put in a support ticket and Xon walked me through every step.. He was both prompt and courteous with his responses. It actually took less time and was more convenient than trying to read through a manual.
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