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Beta Content Ratings for XF2 0.13.5v2

No permission to buy ($35.00)
This is an amazing addon, Xon has done an amazing job, especially on mobile. Whats even more amazing is the support Xon gives. He really goes above and beyond to help his customers. I trust him and trust his work fully.
Superb rating addon. Developer (Xon) is probably one of the best here. Always try to help customers, listen customers and quickly resolve bugs.
Shine on Xon!
Awesome rating addon for XF, the best rating solution I have seen for a mobile device in any forum platform. And the support is insanely quick, helpful and accommodating!
Best XF rating addon by far (I've paid for the others and regret it). Also, the author has been receptive to the user's suggestions and helpful/quick to resolve issues.
Content Ratings is an add-on built from the ground up with performance, extensibility and scalability in mind. Rock solid code and a must have for forums of all sizes and demographics.
A solid replacement for Post Ratings in XF2 :)

Pretty flexible with how ratings can be defined, and integrates with profile posts and conversations out of the box as well.