Content Ratings for XF2.1+

Content Ratings for XF2.1+ 2.4.2

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  • Fix compatibility issues with 3rd party themes & add-ons extending the public control section of posts
  • Adjust rating content action to permit 2 digits of ratio
  • Prune alerts when removing uninstalling
  • Allow alerts to actually be disabled per rating type
  • Fix content rating ratio criteria
  • Fix 'Illegal string offset 'id'' if clicking through the user critiera without selecting some fields
  • Add missing "Rating Tooltip Delay" style property, fixes that the on-hover menu being virtually unusable
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  • Fix issue where semi-duplicate criteria could be created. To fix visit each criteria and untick the 'enable' flag and then save.
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  • Migrate content rating user criteria from 1.0.x format to 1.1.x format for notices/user group promotions/trophies
  • Bugfixes for user criteria
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  • Per-category content actions on some rating threshold
    • Perform each action once on a piece of content, supported actions:
      • Report
      • Moderate
      • Soft-delete
    • content-actions-png.172905
  • Rework user criteria support
    • Allow arbitrary number of rating type/rating type category user criteria
    • Not compatible with user criteria from Content Ratings 1.0.x
    • criteria-support-png.172906
  • Allow a "none" default rating
  • Per-rating option on if receiving a rating triggers sending an alert
  • New style properties; sort/limit received ratings displayed on content
  • Allow various js delays be adjusted via style properties
  • Per-rating type restrictions changes:
    • Improve whitelist by group
    • Improve whitelist by node UI
    • New: Blacklist by group
    • New: Blacklist by node
    • New: Whitelist by content type
  • Installer now recommends using the CLI installer for large forums
  • Remove redis option, this a debug only option for 1.0.x and was leftover from early alpha code
  • Fix viewing rating lists for profile post & profile post comments
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  • Fix "Show ratings on thread list" causing "Accessed unknown getter 'Likes' on XF:Thread"
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  • Add activity details for ratings controller
  • Improve responsiveness of inline rate menu on small screens.
  • Improve various background jobs to scale automatically based on server performance instead of fixed batch sizes
  • Populate a thread's like total when the first post is liked
    • A background task will re-sync thread like totals to the first post like totals on install
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  • Add "Display rating type titles with rating counts" style property
    • The "Display rating type titles alongside icons" style property did not add the text to the count.
  • Add "Tooltip rate menu container" style property
  • "Rate button" style property now applies when "Rate menu location" is set to "In-place of XF Like button"
    • Push rating icon up so the Like text should be inline with the other controls
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  • Fix error on when viewing a members rating list just after adding or deleting a rating.
  • Remove Beta flag from Post Rating importer
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