Contact Us Thread

Unmaintained Contact Us Thread 1.3.0

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  • Custom phrase (contact_us_flooding) for Contacts Us flood checking telling users not to resubmit.
  • (Optionally) Force all usage of Contact Us form to go via XF spam checking
  • Recommend Redis Flood Checking to allow contact us form flood check to be unbound by the standard flood check length
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  • Improve extendibility of the add-on
  • Option to discard 'contact us' messages from discouraged (user or IP)
  • Option to include matching spam trigger logs in post
    • Finds user spam trigger log entries matching the supplied email address or IP.
    • Option to limit to n records, or disable.
    • Option to limit how many days will be considered.
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Unbreak add-on so threads are actually created.
  • Allow control of the Contact Us form's flood checking length.
  • Contains a crude workaround for how XenForo skips flood checking for guests on the Contact Us form.(ref)
Option to allow banned users to use the Contact Us form. (Enabled by default).
  • Avoid double HTML escaping of the message when posting as a thread.
  • Minor code cleanup.
  • Respect forum default prefix
  • Ensure guest users can use normal usernames
Make Contact Us form redirect after submit to avoid double-submit