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This plugin simplyfies and improves third-party plugin development in XenForo.

Features & pros:
  • Allows extending multiple XenForo classes with a single class without catching "PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class" error message (now you can extend data writer groups or bbcodes with just one class instead of using multiple copies of the same thing but with different names).
  • It's possible to extend almost every class in XenForo, even static helper and abstract classes except XenForo_Application.
  • Nodes, threads and messages now can easily get custom fields through single event configuration. No need to extend data writers, models or controllers.
  • Well-tested on big forums with high activity (>2K users online simultaneously, >3M posts)
  • Bonus feature - support of nginx X-Accel-Redirect header for better performance (link to documentation on github: Nginx X-Accel-Redirect Configuration).
  • One simple sql-query on every page when eager loader feature is enabled and XenForo cache is disabled
  • It requires higher programming skills than XenForo does

  • Upload all the files from the 'upload' folder on to your server.
  • Install xml addon file through your admin control panel.
  • Add code to the end of /library/config.php manually if the file is write-protected:
  • Better english documentation

Full description (why do you need this, examples) and documentation can be found at project's GitHub wiki page.

Be careful! Though the plugin is easy to use but it can actually do lots of things and eliminates 'reinventing the wheel' parts, but even more it can seriously damage your forum if you don't know what you're doing. It requires higher programming skills than XenForo does, so it's not for novices.

P.S. Feel free to send pull requests.
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Latest updates

  1. CMF Core 1.0.8 Released

    Safer init_listeners cache
  2. CMF Core 1.0.7 Released

    Nginx X-Accel-Redirect fix Nginx X-Accel-Redirect documentation added
  3. CMF Core 1.0.6 Released

    Small performance and inspection fixes Some PHPDoc comments have been added

Latest reviews

I do not understand full worth of this addon couse coding is not my coup of tee, but this is working as it should, and it is great platform for another addons.Simple and doing what it have to do.

Author is allways on your service, so there is not problem if any kind of bug shows up.

Thank you Yoskaldyr for creating this addon.
Nice and really useful
Great for developers
it's not for novices. << hope we can get more tutorials to get the most thing we need to learn so we can use this awesome add-on
my programming skill pass the basic OOP and simple mvc coding
and now to learn more about frameworks like CI
so can u advice me and other beginner who want to be a xenforo developer and be in a level that can use this add-on what to do to be ready for using it

and thanks for ur hard work to make our life easier ^_^
Great tool for complicated addons. Allows do do things which cannot be done using core. Same time preserves compability with othere addons.
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