Clean 3 Column Custom Field Lists

Unmaintained Clean 3 Column Custom Field Lists

  1. How do I turn them into columns?

    You need to make the value display HTML of the custom fields {$value}<br />

  2. They're all in 1 column...

    This bit of CSS should resolve that.
    .listInline.listInline--selfInline, .listInline.listInline--customField {
    display: block;

  3. I'm seeing commas. How do I get rid of them?

    It should work on 2.2 out of the box, but I had an issue with commas appearing (a template modification somewhere?) If you have this issue, add this code to extra.less:

    .listInline.listInline--comma>li:after, .listInline.listInline--customField>li:after {
    content: "";
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