Chat 2 by Siropu

Chat 2 by Siropu 2.2.11

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This release fixes a bug where the message_type_id field for notifications is too small for bigger ids.

message_type_id was added before 2.0.11 and was set to tinyint instead of int.
  • All notifications for new users, threads, posts, resources and media gallery, will be automatically deleted when items gets deleted with both soft and hard delete. This will affect only future notifications.
  • Added new resource notification for ratings.
  • Added option to set a custom avatar for bots.
Bug Fix
If multiple rooms are joined, the user list will be updated only for the first room.
This release fixes a bug with a wrong class name used by Ads Manager that was missing in the Chat.
Added room option to set a custom flood check for each room.

Added user group permission to allow users to view private rooms.

Added option to enable conversation alerts for new messages.

This release also aims to improve performance in both server side and user side.
Added option to open chat navigation link in a popup.
Fixed an issue with new thread notifications not being posted when the thread requires approved.
Fixed an issue with new post notifications being posted when the post requires approval.
Added option to disable "Load more messages" button for both rooms and conversations.

Bugs Fixed
Permission to edit any room doesn't work.
When liking/editing a message in a room that has a thread ID set, the message will be posted again in that thread.
Other code issues.
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Fixed an issue where Disabling the rooms and setting a default joined room, doesn't work.

Made some adjustments to the giphy command to prevent issues with SSL support and if no data is returned from Giphy, it will display a message rather than posting the command as is.

When using the prune command and some other moderator commands, won't update your room activity status anymore.
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Chat will generate an error for users who do not have the permission to view the chat.
Message edit not working when saved.
Changed phrase "Please login to use the chat" to "You do not have the permission to use the chat" for users who have the permission to view the chat but not use.
This release fixes various bugs found since 2.0.3.
This release fixes various bugs and style issues.
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