Change Content Owner or Date

Change Content Owner or Date 2.0.15

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Awesome! We just had this need at DNForum and the search suggested this add-on. The add-on works as a charm. Thank you, Helmuts
This is a gem. I publish a new photographic community, and it was necessary to provide new attributions to images that were posted to seed the galleries and Snog Groups. As real members added images, the sock puppet images were reassigned to their correct author.

I can see over time that this will be a useful tool for certain membership tasks. The date function is great also. Very nice!
An extremely convenient tool for administrators. (these additional characters were added to meet the minimum requirement).
Not an addon I have to use often, but very handy when I do. Well implemented, and I appreciate that it makes it easy to change user on threads/posts en masse.
Essential. Well designed. Thank you for your personal contribution of this free add-on, it makes Xenforo a better forum software.
Makes posting content on behalf of another admin super easy while building a new forum. Very easy to install and use. Thank you so much!
Great Add On! It does exactly what it should and saves me alot of headache - I had no idea how to solve my problem without it :) THANKS!!
This add-on is fantastic! It does the job without hassles. Thanks heaps for making this super helpful add-on.
Thank you so much for this extension! I love it so much!
Maybe you could add changing registering date of members :)
Exactly what I was looking for. Very simple to use too. Thank you for developing this addon and sharing it with us :)
Really nice job! Perfect for me. I'm new on Xenforo and it's really a good solution with a great community!
Great feature - especially when you are running a large forum where you have a lot of categories to organize and members fade off into the blue over the years!
a single addon that lets you change both date and time of individual posts in a thread. works well. have been using it for a few weeks now. faced some minor issues which were resolved by the developer in associated thread.
An excellent addon, all in one, everything works quickly and without complaints.
Отличный аддон, все в одном, все работает быстро и без нареканий.
This addon works perfectly and it's super easy and fast to use. It shoud be in the xenforo core! Great work
Excellent add-on for transferring threads from one user to another and for changing the date and time of threads/posts/media items. A solid and practical add-on. Many Thanks
Excellent support. The best I have received so far for a free addon. Owner is very prompt and act quickly to issues. I highly recommend him.
Excellent add-on for transferring threads from one user to another and for changing the date and time of threads/posts. I love how easy it is to use. Thanks for sharing this gem with the community, TickTackk!
its Great. thank you very much. This add-on in XenForo 2.1.6 works well.I hope to work together in the future.
Have tested some under the same categories since last few months , this one stands out to be the best with all the required features to change owner/author/even time of the content whether it is post replies, main post or resources etc.
The developer @TickTakk has done a fantastic job, this add-on deserves to be PAID one to support developer so he continues his interest in it's future updates. I'd be supporting that time too.
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