Calendar 5.9

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
  3. 2.3
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A fully integrated Calendar system based on thread information.

This add-on will create a fully integrated Calendar system based on thread information. Each calendar entry links back to the thread it was created from.

(Example of Calendar tab - pic 1)


(Example of Calendar - pic 2)


(Example of optional Upcoming calendar events in sidebar block - pic 3)


(Example of Calendar menu link in more options - pic 4)


(Example of calendar menu - pic 5)


(Example of calendar notice in thread view - pic 6)


(Example of calendar notice in thread list - pic 7)


(Example of Calendar add - pic 8)


(Example of Calendar remove - pic 9)


(Example of Calendar remove recurring - pic 10)


(Example of Options page - pic 11)


(Example of User group permissions - pic 12)


  • Adds Calendar tab to navigation bar (pic 1).
  • Easy to use calendar format (pic 2).
  • Option for calendar widget block (pic 3).
  • Calendar menu link in more options (pic 4).
  • Calendar menu options (pic 5).
  • Thread view shows which calendar dates have been added (pic 6).
  • Thread list shows which threads have calendar entries (pic 7).
  • Calendar add allows adding event dates (pic 8).
  • Calendar add recurring allows adding recurring event dates (pic 9).
  • Calendar remove will remove calendar entries for that thread (pic 10).
  • Full customization of holiday options.
  • Thread view permissions honored.
  • All phrases start with calendar_ for your convenience.
User Group Permissions:

The following user group permissions are set during installation:

Administrative: Add remove all
Moderation: Add remove all
Registered: View
Registered: Add remove own
Unregistered / Unconfirmed: View


This determines which user group will see the calendar.

Add and remove own

This allows adding and removing calendar events for the thread starter.

Add and remove All

This allows adding and removing calendar events for any thread.

Widget setup:

To add a Calendar events widget in the sidebar do the following:

Admin Control Panel -> Appearance -> Widgets
Add widget
Select Calendar events and Add widget
Enter the following:

Widget key = calendar_events
Title = {leave blank}
Display in positions = Forum list: Sidebar

Steps to add a new calendar entry:
  1. Create a new thread or navigate to existing thread.
  2. Click More options.
  3. Click Calendar menu.
  4. Click Calendar add.
  5. Select calendar Event date.
  6. Click Calendar add.
Database modifications:
  • Creates a new table called xf_andy_calendar
  • Adds a column to xf_thread called andy_calendar
Questions and Answers:

Q: Is there an option to sync this calendar to other calendars?
A: No.

Q: How can I edit or add holidays?
A: See this link:

Q: I have added the Calendar widget but it does not display.
A: The Widget calendar events in the Options page determine how far in the future to display calendar events. The default is 14 days, so if you don't have any upcoming events within two weeks the widget will not display.
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Latest reviews

Been using this addon for just over a year and it provides a simple easy to use addition that allows any thread to be added to a calendar with support both tradition page layout calendar and a list view. As others have said Andy offers great support.
Calendar with clean and simple style, exactly what I need. There was small issue but Andy fix this within 5 minutes after my support request.
Andy offers excellent support, after making a suggestion he added the feature in a matter of days. Thank you Andy and thank you for your excellent addons.
I'm re-rating this Add-on with 5 stars because I can now effectively use this on my forum to promote historical events on an annual basis. Take note that Andy will listen to reasonable suggestions and implement them when requested! Thanks Andy for adding this feature, it will be very useful!
Great addon! Well worth the $25 for access to all his mods on his site. Very well done, and very well worth it service. I highly recommend. I suggested a feature, less than 48 hours? Added in!
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