Calendar 3.0

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Calendar v3.0 changes:

Fixed typo in the calendar_event_end_date_error phrase.
Calendar v2.9 changes:

Fixed issue with Console error message. Updated template JS code.
Calendar v2.8 changes:

Updated template code to be more compatible with third party styles.
Calendar v2.7 changes:

1) Fixed language phrasing for weekday responsive.
2) Fixed border color issue.
3) Fixed weekday color issue.
Calendar v2.6 changes:

Now fully responsive.
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Calendar v2.4 changes:

Fixed issue with Calendar remove single.
Calendar v2.3 changes:

Added function to delete single calendar event dates in Calendar remove overlay.
Calendar v2.2 changes:

Deleted orphaned phrase.
Calendar v2.1 changes:

Fixed issue with navigation arrows on calendar page.
Calendar v2.0 changes:

Added function to add recurring calendar events.