BG_Interactive Snow Storm/Fall

Unmaintained BG_Interactive Snow Storm/Fall 1.3

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Updates in this version include the following:
  • Since I'm going to start making add-ons, I would like the users who download it to be able to find my add-ons with much more ease. Therefore, I added it in the directory "BG" so when people look for my add-ons they can just got to that folder at their root directory and find it easier than before.
  • Changed "Library" to "library" hence the fact that this threw others off.
  • Fixed lots of grammar problems.
  • Made the snow a bit bigger and changed some settings to make it easier on the CPU.

If you notice anything wrong after this update, inform me. Also, if you want any special changes (color of snow flakes, size, height of flakes, speed, etc.) I'll teach you how to do so, just start a conversation with me.
- Uploaded a corrupt .zip file while being unaware of it. (Again, first add-on, give me some time to find out the proper way of doing things :p)
- Made it into a .xml file for easier installation.

(It's my first REAL Add-On with a .xml file with contents to upload. If it doesn't work please inform me.)
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