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Interactive Snow Storm/Fall - ForumInteractiveSnowStorm/Fall

Burrrrr! It's chilly outside and snowing! Wouldn't it be great if it could also snow on your forums? Well now it can! It's also interactive.

Description - "Interactive Snow Storm/Fall" adds a "Snow Storm" to your Xenforo Forums. The snow is circular and sticks for a brief second. Then, animatedly melts. It's interactive in the way that when you move your mouse, the "wind" blows and makes the snow blow in a different direction.

Installation - Download the .rar file and copy the javascript...
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Reserved for further use (if needed).

12/12/14 - A friend of mine who used to own a license here deleted his account, I'm no longer under a custom license. Thus, meaning I cannot update this resource, edit anything within the resource, or comment on this. Sorry guys! {To answer any questions above if it works with "x" version, it should work with every single version ever to come unless they change how add-ons are installed. (@Lemminator asked if it worked with the current version, yes it does.)}
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Sorry to hear that. Are you pasting the code in the correct place? It's a simple javascript code so it should work with all versions. @ngannguyen
I just open snowstorm.js and copy the codes in this file --> open template "PAGE_CONTAINER" of my skin --> paste the copied codes to just above "</body> </html>" --> save.
Do I need to upload snowstorm.js into my hosting ?

@ngannguyen No, that shouldn't be needed. One sec, I will try and fix this problem for you.

- Try this -
Paste under EVERYTHING in page_container_js_head

Then click "save all changes"
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The addon is slowing my website a bit.
I will try and shorten up the javascript file a bit. I'm currently installing my forums at a new host. I will try and do this by the weekend.

Edit - I've made an update to the resource. Instead of shortening the javascript, I simply changed some things to make it a tad bit faster. If you want the snow to fall slower/make the snow smaller/change the color of the snow, just start a conversation with me.
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BrittonG updated Interactive Snow Storm/Fall with a new update entry:

BG - Interactive Snow Storm/Fall

Updates in this version include the following:
  • Since I'm going to start making add-ons, I would like the users who download it to be able to find my add-ons with much more ease. Therefore, I added it in the directory "BG" so when people look for my add-ons they can just got to that folder at their root directory and find it easier than before.
  • Changed "Library" to "library" hence the fact that this threw others off.
  • Fixed lots of grammar problems.
  • Made the snow a bit bigger...
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