Better Analytics

Better Analytics 3.1.1

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thank you
good job )
Great stuff, it improves the amount of data you get from analytics which you are loading anyways. The only major thing I wish I had now was the ability to track user registrations.
You can track user registration... you define goals based on your registration URL (/register/register). It's under your Analytics Admin area.
Holy cow! Version 3.1 is mind blowing. Exceptional analytics add-on, loving the heat maps. Can't live without this data now. Thanks for the continued development!!
Very useful :)
Good one Shawn
as usual.. perfect work!
thank you digitalpoint!
The data provided through GA with this add-on is really quite useful! Especially like the ecommerce data (from user upgrades). Also appreciate the support!
great upgrade! A little confusing to setup some of the more advanced bells and whistles, but once those are set, the amount of new info you get from Analytics is amazing!
Excellent add-on. Provides great depth to your sites analytics and allows you to really dig in and see how your visitors are interacting with your site. Another quality add-on from DigitalPoint.
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