Better Analytics

Better Analytics 3.1.1

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  • Better handling of realtime views to threads that no longer exist
  • Fixed issue where Model_UserUpgrade::upgradeUser() wasn't returning expected results
  • Fixed issue where Computers Shared By Multiple Users could return zero results
  • Fixed cosmetic width issue with Computers Shared By Multiple Users reports when there were more than 7 users on a single computer
  • Don't try to get realtime API data when requested if API is not set up
  • Pass through Google API error if there is an error when retrieving profiles
  • Added advanced analytics description to phrase system
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't go past page 1 on "Users Sharing Computers"
  • Fixed issue where if you disabled/uninstalled the add-on and then reinstalled it later, users that only visited during the period where it was disabled would show as sharing computers.
  • New option: Admin -> Options -> Statistics and Metrics -> Show Realtime Popular Threads In Sidebar
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Updated to work with PHP 5.2 and 5.3... if you are using PHP 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6, you don't need to update.
Lots of new stuff...

Ability to do server-side tracking of users with Google Analytics Blockers installed (ends up being about 5% more traffic logged).

Tons of new Event tracking options (things like knowing when emails are sent, emails are opened by the recipient, what external links are being clicked, etc.)

Ability to set up your own Google API project for reporting on your Analytics data.

Keeps proper source/medium intact when user signs up with Facebook/Twitter/Google+ (also keeps it intact when they are making payments for something via PayPal).

Heatmaps - Great way to see what's going on by the hour/day.

Auto-tagging links in outbound emails to have users clicking those links to come to your site as a an "Email" source/medium.

Includes integration test/setup assistant (under Admin -> Tools).

You can watch events happening in realtime if you want:
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More in detail...
  • Checkout event tracks user upgrade name as a label
  • New option: Event Tracking - User Engagement
  • New option: Event Tracking - Content Being Created (new posts, profile posts, conversation messages)
  • New option: Event Tracking - Emails Sent/Opened
  • New option: Event Tracking - Attachment Views
  • New option: Event Tracking - Clicks On External Links
  • New option: Event Tracking - User Registrations (broken down by the way they signed up (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Standard)
  • New option: Event Tracking - Moderator Actions
  • New option: Event Tracking - Reports
  • New option: Event Tracking - Warnings
  • New option: Event Tracking - AJAX Requests
  • New option: Event Tracking - AJAX Errors
  • New option: Event Tracking - JavaScript Errors
  • New option: Track Users With Analytics Blockers (Never / Only Users Logged In / Guests / Everything)
  • New admin area: Users -> Analytics -> Users Blocking Analytics: you can see which registered users are not reporting page views to Google Analytics (most likely analytics/privacy blocker installed in browser)
  • New admin area: Tools -> Diagnostics -> Test Analytics Setup
  • New admin area: Tools -> Statistics -> Analytics Heatmaps
  • New statistic under Admin -> Tools -> Statistics: Users Active With Analytics Blocker
  • Removed support/need for using Digital Point's API server
  • Added support for creating your own API project for reporting
  • Tracking inbound traffic from emails sent from system as Email source/medium (rather than referrer of webmail URL)
  • Server-side API calls to Google Analytics are non-blocking and run in parallel if the server has curl extensions installed
  • Server-side API calls to Reporting API are non-blocking and run in parallel if the server has curl extensions installed
  • Keep original source/medium intact when user is redirected to PayPal for payment or Facebook/Twitter/Google+ for registration/logging in (shows real origin rather than showing referrals from or
  • Keep original source/medium intact when user uses unread redirect for thread or conversation from email


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  • Reporting API calls use Zend HTTP Client instead of relying on curl PHP extension
  • New option: Include Google Analytics JavaScript [Inline, External File, None]
  • Missing phrase fixed
  • Fixed issue when installed on XenForo 1.2.x
  • Use better cancel URL vs. XenForo's default when purchasing user upgrades
  • Utilize product list/positions in Google Analytics for user upgrades
  • Track click on user upgrade as a checkout action (allows progression shopping analysis in Google Analytics)
  • Moved JavaScript from inline page to external request
  • New option: Bounce Rate Based On [Page Views/Time On Site]
  • New option: Custom Dimension Index For User ID
  • New debug option: Include Google Analytics JavaScript
  • Auto generating SKU for user upgrades
  • Better tracking of individual items that are part of a transaction
  • Suppressing referral tracking from payment made on PayPal for user upgrades (better medium/source tracking of sales instead of showing referred from
  • New admin area: Users -> User Discipline -> Shared Computers
  • Member analytics tab shows other users that have shared the same computer
  • Force SSL usage on insecure sites
  • Track AJAX requests as events
Relevant to Digital Point Premium users:
  • New option: Use Digital Point API For Charts
  • New user group permission: View Analytics tab on member profiles
  • New user group permission: View revenue generated by user
  • Member analytics tab can optionally show data for that user pulled from Google Analytics (via API). Includes revenue, sessions, source / medium, social interactions & site search keywords
  • Fixed issue with logging eCommerce transactions that were not part of a subscription
  • Added event tracking to give a more accurate bounce rate (for users who never go to a second page)
  • Suppress logging of Analytics Client ID to user change log
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  • Uses Universal Analytics
  • Tracking code moved to jQuery .ready() function so it doesn't slow down page loading if Google Analytics servers are being slow.
  • Utilizes Google Analytics Measurement Protocol to track non-interactive events like user upgrade sales as eCommerce transactions.
  • Utilizes Google Analytics User ID feature to link different sessions by the same user.
  • Internally tracks unique Google Analytics Client ID for users in a hidden custom field (used to link eCommerce sales to the right user).
Removed user name tracking per Google Analytics terms of service.
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  • Custom Variable 1 used to track the forum being used (including threads in that forum)
  • Custom Variable 2 used to track the user's user name
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