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Unmaintained [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3 3.2.0

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Writing out the entire username at the end of a message, and posting the message without clicking on the name it will keep the popup open after the message has been posted. At least in Chrome Dev.
Version 1.5
1.5/1 Added support for IE (tested with IE9 only though)
1.5/2 Added support for non-WYSIWYG editor (tested with iPad Safari, Android browsers and iPhone Safari should work fine)
1.5/3 Added support for @username between bb code tag like [b]@username[/b]
Version 1.4 (released Feb 29, 2012)
1.4.1 Now supports profile post's comment
1.4.2 Username suggestion now works with profile post and comment (still no IE)
1.4.3 Now supports status message too
1.4.4 Added development document (DEV.txt)
1.4.5 New option (AdminCP > Options > [bd] Tag Me) to support multi-word usernames suggestion
1.4.6 Added File Health Check
Version 1.3
1.3.1 Now supports profile post
1.3.2 Disable username suggestion for non-supported stuff (conversation, etc.)
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