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Unmaintained [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3 3.2.0

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Version 1.7.5 (released May 23, 2013)
1.7.5/1 Added better support for email plain text / html bb code formatter
1.7.5/2 Added code to avoid sending duplicate notification (with thread watch)
Version 1.7.3b (released May 21, 2013)
1.7.3b/ Fixed bug multi-word username at the end of the message
Version 1.7.3 (released May 20, 2013)
1.7.3/1 Fixed incompatibility bug in bb code formatter
1.7.3/2 Fixed bug not working for full version of reply editor
1.7.3/3 Fixed bug too greedy when choose the longest entity without revalidation
Fixed a bug in extending XenForo_BbCode_Formatter_Base which prevents templates from preloading. It's advised to upgrade the add-on immediately.
  1. Added support for apostrophe and quote mark
  2. Implemented check to hide email checkbox when the feature is disabled
  3. Added option to turn email on for new registrations
Version 1.7 (released Feb 23, 2013)
1.7/1 Fix compatibility issue with Responsive Design 1.1.0
1.7/2 Use username helper to render user link
1.7/3 Add tag group permission
1.7/4 Add sending email option
  • Fix bug with ] before @ in message
  • Skip loading javascript for guests
  • Reduce number of alerts to send out in one batch (1000->200)
  • Update dev.txt
Added new option to limit number of users fetched from database during processing
  • Added support for user group tagging (both primary and secondary groups, admin can selectively choose which groups are available for tagging)
  • Added sending alerts in batches mode, enabled by default


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