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Unmaintained [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3 3.2.0

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If I could only install one add-on, this would be it. Makes discussions go SO much better! I don't know how I ever participated in forums without this.
This is awesome - our forum users love this addon!
A very cool plugin! Thank you!
Works perfectly and doesn't impact on server performance. Great work
This is my first forum, let alone XenForo, just wanted to stop by and say that it installed smoothly and exactly as advertised! Easy as pie :)
Excellent feature. Hopefully it drives more interaction among users.
I use it for paging people when specific input is needed in a thread. Works perfectly, great add on for any site.
Great plugin
Hands down one of the most useful addons for XF. Works flawlessly, and is well supported and maintained. Many thanks to bd.
Great work.
thx for the update ^,^
works great! some users don't show up as I type after the @ symbol... but it'll still alert them
Easy install and set-up - looking forward to unleashing it on the CycleChat membership. Thanks xfrocks :)
Great addon! Thanks!
Great addon.
An excellent update to this most excellent of add-ons.
One word - AWESOME!
Really great add-on. No problem so far. All my members love it!
Great add on and should become standard for XenForo!
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