[bd] Medal

[bd] Medal 1.5.5b

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This version fixes compatibility issues with PHP 7.2. Special thanks to @Xon for the pull request.
  • Fix template error in member_view
  • Performance improvements (thanks @Xon)
  • Added support for SVG medals
  • Added support for award reason edit (AdminCP)
  • Added medals on sidebar visitor panel
  • Added auto updater via xfrocks.com
  • Improved message medals rendering
  • Bug fixes
  • Added support for front end awarding
  • Improved performance
  • Bug fixes
  • Added support for [bd] Data Storage
  • Added text to help_index page
  • Improved handling with too many awarded records
  • Bug fixes
Added organize medal permission
Added option "Avoid Duplicated" in AdminCP award form for staff to avoid awarding a medal to an user more than once. The option is unchecked by default.
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Fix a compatibility issue with data from old version. Please upgrade to this version to avoid pages of error logs in AdminCP if you upgraded to v1.4.4b from an older version. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Added organize medal interface
  • Added upload box for medium/small image
  • Improved alert message
  • Bug fixes
  1. Fixed bug missed by one when show medals
  2. Added random display order for medals
  3. Changed template for manual position to bdmedal_message_medals_manual