[bd] Medal

[bd] Medal 1.5.5b

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I love this for my forums. I am really looking forward for this coming out on 2.X. This has already become a key thing for my community.
Works perfectly as described and we've had no problems with the add-on so far, xfrocks also provides support when needed and we've had a good experience using his add-ons.

We use medals to award members for their time, dedication and loyalty, and we hope that this add-on is also ported over to 2.0 when it does eventually come out :D

Thank you!

4. Configure position to show medals (post) in AdminCP > Home > Options > Messages
5. Import awards from Yet Another Awards System as needed: import users, threads, etc. as normal, there will be extra steps for you to import awards. Supports XenForo's core importer for vBulletin 3 and the unofficial vBulletin 4 importer.
It's not good for many members forum(I have 460K members), very slowly to award medals. After I awarded medals to my members by using MYSQL command, I've trying to award to myself in ACP, and in last 2 days I have clicked the Award Button more than 200 times(thanks for the autoclick tool) and still not awarded yet.
This is a great addon for those who used YAAS on vbulletin. One of my favorites. We use it for photo contests, video contests, and a few other recurring awards.
Love it. Works for adding extra content and can be easily customized to meet your needs. Author listens to customers. A+++
Nice update, thanks for quick support. Excellent add-on by a legend developer :)
Great add-on and great support! Thanks :)
Everyone like visual recognition for their forum contributions. This is a fantastic mod, and I am really considering going for the paid add on to auto award. :)
superb add-ons <3
Simply superb. I have done a very wide medal system in my site. Thanks.
Been using this since the beginning. Love it!
This mod is what I've been looking for, for months. Thank you very much, xfrocks! :D
Amazing mod, amazing support from amazing developer.
works great!
Excellent add-on, great support, brilliant developer. 5 stars all day long.
A truly excellent award system. Thankyou for providing this great resource.
This is a great add, many thanks for your excelent work
5 Stars! This mod is amazing and a great plus to any community.