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Unmaintained [bd] Banking 1.0.4

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
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  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
  4. 1.5
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[bd] Banking
Start your xefonomics today.

1. Bonus fully integrated with posting thread, posting reply, liking, unliking, uploading attachment, downloading attachment
2. Easy to manage options in AdminCP. Please note that appearance configurations are setup as Style Properties so you may need to check that section before asking. To manage users' money and see history, head over to Tools > [bd] Banking
3. Importer integration: keep members' money from your vBulletin installation. Currently supports: vBCredits I, vBCredits II, kBank
4. Auto routing (default is "bank" but you can change to whatever you want)
5. Bonus for attachment upload and download, uploader can set price for each attachment!

1. Upload the library directory into your XenForo's
2. Import the addon
3. Configure options in Home > Options > [bd] Banking

1. Attachment Manager permission is a user group permission and it's not enabled by default.
2. Some elements are controlled by Style Properties:
- Money in messages (in "Message Elements", enabled by default)
- Money in visitor panel at the top of sidebar (in "Sidebar")
- Bank tab in navigation (in "Header and Navigation", enabled by default)
- Money in navigation, right next to Alerts (in "Header and Navigation", enabled by default)
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    Added register and login bonuses.
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Latest reviews

Awesome add-on. I was looking for an add-on to add wallet to my xenforo for users. Even I wanted to pay to have for custom development. But I saw this add-on. This even do more than what I needed. Really nice add-on with lots of features. Also nice support and kind developer. Thanks xfrocks and wish you the best.
Amazing add-on for Virtal Money for my forum. Thanks @xfrock for this add-on and [bd] Paygates, too. Hoping you could make some improvement to integrated to RM!
Perfect! Absolutely amazing with a great active developer! Thanks for all your hard work for us xfrocks! Definitely the best banking addon for Xenforo hands down.
One of my favorite Xenforo add ons. Thank you for the great work.
Best Credit system available. Thank you!
What I was looking for! Too bad is that to limited! Looking forward for future updates! I always love [bd] addons! Keep the good work my friend!
Thanks. A major update is coming!
Too limited in every aspect of a currency mod. Once you install this addon in, it automatically enables the banking for every usergroup without a chance for the admin to fix up how the currency will be calculated. Permissions are VERY limited as well - you can't disable this addon for certain usergroups. You can't even change the currency symbol. [bd] still has a lot of work to do with this mod. It has a lot of potential. I will update this review once more features has been added.
Probably the best add-on here
Thank you man, my users love this addon very much. There are sending each other money and it's spreading like a pandemic :)
5 stars!
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