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Unmaintained Avatar Gallery 0.1b

No permission to download
Works great, just what I needed!
I love it! Thank!
Excellent addon :).
Awesome add-on, can you just make a picture showcasing the need to add your own images please. It will help and do you think you will be making a image pack for this add-on?
Absolutely amazing. Works perfectly, and can fit on any site with any avatars you wish. Should be in the core.
Like it very much and it works like a charm.

Thank you!
Must be a core feature, thanks mate.
It works just as described, all an option to rebuild the cached images would be nice - unless that is part of the xF core cache rebuild?
good idea :)
Thanks. This is a great add on.
Perfect with 1.3
Perfekt and stops the "No Avatar" pics... ;)
Excelent! thank you very much master.-
Nice add on
Outstanding. A must have and should be standard in XenForo
Works as designed and integrates well with existing templates / styles. excellent. Hope to see future updates.
Very nice feature :D.
Seems pretty good. Installed it on a test board. Will be moving it over to my main forum shortly. :)
I installed it today and it works pretty well.

While it doesn't have category, you can name he avatars properly so that similar avatars have same prefix. This way they will be listed in group as the default sorting is by file name.