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Unmaintained Auto Complete Location 6.0

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Switched api from to for better location result for autofill of location field :)
Earlier some IP were filled in format of ", , GB", now this has been fixed using API. You need to obtain API key from and fill it in options.

Some of the users were facing issues due to google API key requirement, So i had added an option to fill api key for the addon to work. You can get your api key from here >

Very thanks to @igor@af for helping me :)

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As requested :

I would very much like to limit the address to country & state. This for two reasons:
  1. Members do not like their exact location known for privacy reasons. We don't want to cause problems with stalkers etc.
  2. Location needs to be searchable and standardized. We should easily be able to find all members in a specific country or state.
Please add this limit.

Limit Option has been added for auto-fill by IP settings.



Just IMPORT the XML file, no need to upload other files :)
*Added support for Custom Map Location field Created by User Map addon by @CrispinP and thanks to @Mouth for testing help.


PS : Auto-Fill Map Location From IP address is not implemented yet, if need this also just let me know.
As requested here :

For international Boards it would be great to choose the Language of the Auto-Replace. I want to choose "Berlin, Deutschland" instead of "Berlin, Germany".

Support for language has been added as per google API. I am bit bad at testing this feature (Don't know diff languages :P) so reviews regarding this would be appreciated. Also this feature will be supported less as whole its google response so much altering is not feasible.

PS : Be Sure to read FAQ to fill the BOARD LANGUAGE OPTION.

By default language is English.


Option Field

Registration Page :


Just import the XML file no need to upload other files.

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Some Phrases and Dark style Issues fixed

Phrases Fixed :
'user_field_locationla_desc' and 'user_field_locationln_desc

Dark style is now implemented everywhere.
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Improvements :
Support for dark themes/Styles :

Added an longitude and latitude custom user fields on registration page. This is also automatically filled as per user IP.


New Options :

Added option to Automatically fill user location via IP on Registration Page.

Screenshot :


Option Page :


Side Note :
1.It uses for user IP detection and filing location field automatically.
2. May have some issues with VPN and proxies.
3. You're allowed up to 10,000 queries per hour by default. Once this limit is reached, all of your requests will result in HTTP 403, forbidden, until your quota is cleared.
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