Resources by Roka

[Roka] Notification BB Codes xf 2.x Roka
Cool bbcode with colors box notification for xenForo 2.0
[Roka] Cyrillic Rewrite URL (unsupported characters) xf 2.x Roka
With this add-on, you will support Macedonian and Serbian letters in rewrite_url.
[xfCrowd] NotePad Roka
Unmaintained [xfCrowd] NotePad 1.3
Remind yourself every time when you login on forum.
Cyrillic Rewrite URL (unsupported characters) Roka
Add unsupported cyrillic characters in url
[xfCrowd] Hot Threads & Posts Roka
Unmaintained [xfCrowd] Hot Threads & Posts 1.0.0 Beta
Shows „Most Liked Posts“ and „Most Liked Threads“ in separate pages.
Unmaintained Trophies Icons Pack 2.0
50 Awesome icons for trophies
[xfCrowd] Notification BB Codes Roka
Unmaintained [xfCrowd] Notification BB Codes 1.1.1
Cool bbcode with colors box notification
Unmaintained Trophies Icons Pack 1.0
14 Awesome icons for trophies
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