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Attachment Check 1.2

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

Checks for orphaned inline attachment BB Codes in messages.

Runs a Cron every day and sends an email if any inline orphaned attachment BB Codes are found. Can also run manually to check every post for orphaned attachment BB Codes.

(Example of Options page)


(Example of email sent)


(Example of Attachment Check page)


(Example of User Group Permissions)


  • Runs Cron every day
  • Sends email to admin
  • User Group Permissions
  • Can be run manually
  • All phrases start with attachmentcheck_ for your convenience
  1. Download and unzip it
  2. Upload the Andy directory to your server, the correct location is library/Andy
  3. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the Install Add-on page
  4. Upload the addon-AttachmentCheck_v1.2.xml file
  5. Click the Install Add-on button
To run manually:

Add 'attachmentcheck' to the end of the URL. If you want to check all posts, enter a very high Limit number in the Options page.

Questions and Answers:

Q: When would an inline attachment BB Code become orphaned?
A: Typically this occurs when a post with an inline image attachment is quoted and the quoted post is edited with a new image attachment. Other times this happens when a member is sloppy and allows for orphaned attachment BB Codes to remain after deleting the attachment.

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Latest updates

  1. See description

    Attachment Check v1.2 changes: Added Number column in Attachment Check page.
  2. See description

    Attachment Check v1.1 changes: Updated PHP code.